Lots of people think that if you travel or live in Barcelona it´s enough if you know Spanish, and it is true. Catalan people are bilingual and you can talk to them in Spanish, no problem for that at all. But if you move outside Barcelona, you will notice you need to learn Catalan in terms of integration. If you do not want to feel as an eternal tourist in Catalonia, you need to learn Catalan.

If you want to have a deep conversation, you want to feel more integrated, understand their thoughts, their culture you must learn Catalan. It is not the best way to be integrated if people around you need to switch to another language.

Here you have 5 reasons to learn Catalan this year:

  1. Business opportunities. If you want to make business there, we highly recommend you to speak, at least, a little bit of Catalan. Catalans are very proud of their language and if you show interest on it, you will make the difference.
  2. Enjoy Catalan culture. Language is culture. Catalan people are very proud of their culture. Enjoy watching Castells, eating calçots or listening Lluis Llach as a native.
  3. Make new friends. As Spaniards, Catalan people are very sociable as well. If you speak Catalan to them you will be part of their jokes, and you will be able to understand them better.
  4. Be a local in Catalonia. If you live in Catalonia or you want to live it. We highly recommend you to learn Catalan. It’s the best way to feel as a local and make real connexions with Catalan people.
  5. Learn another language. As more languages you speak, more languages you are able to understand. If you learn Catalan, you are able to learn and understand easily any latin language such as Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian or Romanian.