You have millions of reasons to learn any language. We give you 5 reasons to learn Spanish this new year.

  1. Business opportunity. If you speak Spanish you expand your business opportunities with new clients and challenging projects.
  2. Lots of countries to travel. Spanish is the second language more spoken in the world. Even in New York, you can practice your Spanish!
  3. Culture. You can watch Almodóvar movies and read Spanish literature such as Miguel de Cervantes.
  4. Useful language. It´s the latin language with more speakers in the world. If you learn Spanish, you are able to learn and understand easily any latin language such as Portuguese,  Catalan, French, Italian or Romanian.
  5. Make new friends! Spanish people are very sociable and it´s easy to be friends with them. It´s a good opportunity to make new connections and learn more from a native.